Pursuing Your Passions in a World of Judgment.

In today’s world, people are able to pursue passions of all types. And today’s world makes it even easier to pursue most passions. But how do you pursue your passions? Its simple, but it’s also terrifyingly hard.  The first step to pursuing your passion is discovering your passion. You have to have something in orderContinue reading “Pursuing Your Passions in a World of Judgment.”

When God Uses Others To Be An Unexpected Light

Hello and welcome back! I’m so excited for today’s post! I didn’t post as much as I would have liked too last week, so I’m going to share where I was. And since I’m writing this on a Wednesday, I’m also going to throw in a “Writing Prompt Wednesday.” So last friday I had theContinue reading “When God Uses Others To Be An Unexpected Light”

Serving God At School

High school is a very intimidating place for every teenager. Kids fear being bullied, wearing the right clothes, being judged, failing classes. But those of us who have a strong faith have a guide through it all. We have the power of prayer to guide us through. But often today, opening up and showing yourContinue reading “Serving God At School”

First Introduction!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m finally committing to a goal of mine and I am so excited to not only share my words but practice consistency through this platform. I have so many post ideas running around in my head, but I figured I should probably start out by introducing myself.  Now letContinue reading “First Introduction!”