Three Things To Remember This Christmas Season

It’s offically Christmas. The snow is gently falling (or not, if you’re in the southern region of the world like me 😄) red and green lights decorate the traffic poles and hot cocoa has become a staple in your home. It’s a time to sit back and relax, stuff yourself with fruit cake and holdContinue reading “Three Things To Remember This Christmas Season”

What To Do When You’re About To Blow a Brain Cell

Honestly, these past few weeks have been stressful to say the least. Not only with what’s going on in America but with the tedious, day to day things that have been consuming my time like a hungry hippo. Between writing deadlines, serving at my beloved church, piling school assignments and a weird type of coldContinue reading “What To Do When You’re About To Blow a Brain Cell”

No One Can Be Thankful For This Year.

Okay, I think we can all admit that this year has been one HECTIC mess. I mean, everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Everything was taken from us and now we’ve been told we need to start building up again just to have new waves of covid right around the corner. Everything weContinue reading “No One Can Be Thankful For This Year.”

What Is Reformation Day And Should I Celebrate It?

“What is Reformation day?” you may ask. Reformation day is when on October 31st 1517, Martin Luther posted the 95 theses on the front door of the Catholic church in Wittenberg Germany. What are the 95 theses? They are 95 reasons why the Catholic church was corrupt. Luther was a monk and saw first-hand howContinue reading “What Is Reformation Day And Should I Celebrate It?”

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

As the second most popular holiday next to Christmas, it is easy to see why children and adults alike wait with bated breath for the one single night of the year when they can dress up, carve personalities into pumpkins, gather hordes of candy, and get a dose of supernatural thrill.   But is All-Hallows-Eve really the over industrializedand innocent day as it appears to be? Or is there a darker sideContinue reading “Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?”

Stop Trying to Decipher God’s Messages

Humility. Humility, Humility, Humility. What God says about humility. Does Humility define you? Humility, what it is and what it’s not. In the course of two days I saw all of these. I saw them as article titles, in my devotional, on my Facebook page. This word was everywhere! I was positive that God wasContinue reading “Stop Trying to Decipher God’s Messages”

Dear Class of 2020

Dear Class of 2020 Seniors, The first time you walked through those doors, you were probably scared to say goodbye to your parents. How long will you be here? Where do you sit? What if your new teacher doesn’t like you? What if one of the other kids doesn’t like me? By the end ofContinue reading “Dear Class of 2020”

Your Freedom Isn’t the Same as Your Neighbors

I’ve started working on my next big project. A collection of 5 short stories based on one word. Free. Just through drafting not half of one of the stories, I have learned a lot already. We all lead very different lives and we all have very different views and beliefs.  We’ve all heard the sayingContinue reading “Your Freedom Isn’t the Same as Your Neighbors”