Three Things To Remember This Christmas Season

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It’s offically Christmas.

The snow is gently falling (or not, if you’re in the southern region of the world like me 😄) red and green lights decorate the traffic poles and hot cocoa has become a staple in your home. It’s a time to sit back and relax, stuff yourself with fruit cake and hold the ones you love a little bit closer.

It can also can be a time of immense stress. Between franticly shopping for presents at the last minute and baking for Aunt Gertrude’s family potluck, Christmas can seem more like a chore than a season of joy and good cheer.

I put together a list of a few things to keep in mind as we enter this lively time of snowball fights, late nights, and glorifying the birth of our Savior.

1. Remember To Unplug

Turn it off. All of it. Your phone, your TV… turn off your Snap notifications and your Messenger app. Throw your computer in the dumpster. ( No don’t do that 😂)

We all hear this valuable piece of advice, but how many of us truly use it? I’ve found myself getting more and more involved with my friends online and keeping up my Instagram feed and less and less in touch with my family. So, I want to challenge myself and you to turn it off this holiday season and enjoy the blessings of having your loved ones near.

2. Remember To Enjoy

That may seem like an odd thing to say when Christmas is associated with jolliness; but it can be easy to get caught up in the “Christmas to-do lists,” and forget to slow down.
This may be the one day out of the year when all your family is together, so who cares if the pie is a little runny or the potatoes are not crisped to a perfectly toasted brown? Don your fuzzy Santa hat and join your herd underneath the Christmas tree, and make memories that will truly last a lifetime!

3. Remember Who This Season Is About

The world will make it seem like Christmas is about the gifts under the tree or meeting your honey underneath the mistletoe, but we as Christians know exactly WHO this season is about!
Eating roasted chestnuts and going for sleigh rides is fun and exhilarating, but don’t forget that Christmas is truly about celebrating the birth of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ!
He humbled himself and agreed to come to earth to be born and then die for our sins and take our place for God’s righteous judgment. I think that his birth, the very beginning stages of the most incredible plan to save humanity, deserves to be honored and celebrated.

I hope that these few gentle reminders help you to refocus and truly relax and to ultimately remind you that the season is not about how well decorated your Christmas tree is or how many lights you put up on your house, but that it is meant to celebrate the arrival of God’s greatest gift to humanity, his son Jesus.

Published by Alexis Craig

Alexis Craig is a home schooled junior with a love for dance, a heart for animals and a passion for cake. She currently lives in south Texas with her family, two dogs, and a fish. When she's not on some wild adventure out of town, you can find her hanging out with the young adults at church, dabbling with a recipe in the kitchen, or daydreaming up a new idea. Connect with her on Instagram! @alexis_craig_author

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