What To Do When You’re About To Blow a Brain Cell

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Honestly, these past few weeks have been stressful to say the least.

Not only with what’s going on in America but with the tedious, day to day things that have been consuming my time like a hungry hippo.

Between writing deadlines, serving at my beloved church, piling school assignments and a weird type of cold inflicted on me earlier this week (conveniently right before I had a model shoot) it’s been a peachy week.

Trust me, if trying to hide bloodshot eyes under fifteen layers of mascara doesn’t add a pleasant dose of anxiety to your day, I don’t know what will.

If you find yourself with knots in your shoulders and a doozy of a 2020 stress headache, I have a few tips and tricks to sooth your frazzled nerves and help you re-focus on the tasks at hand so you can get the most done in your hectic day.

1. Read Your Bible.

Okay, okay, before your eyes do a 360 roll and you mutter under your breath about how many times you’ve read this, just bear with me. Even though it may be a bit over stated, reading your Bible is honestly the best way to help you re-focus on what truly matters in this life. Spending time with the good and gracious Father, the One whom you can cast your disquieting burdens upon, and resting in his affirmations will not only take your eyes off this wearisome world and the problems at hand, but bring peace to your tumultuous soul that only the Lord can give.

2. Go For A Stroll.

Sometimes you just need to escape for a minute, and taking a brisk walk might just do the trick. Humans weren’t made to sit twenty-four-seven, and taking a walk is an amazing way to blow off some of that steam building inside. We’re people, after all, not pressure cookers.

Getting out in nature or observing the antics of the neighborhood, feeling the sun shining down on you or gazing at the magnificent stars, will hopefully help to melt some of the stress of the day and help you to tackle your giants with renewed vigor!

3. Have A Warm Gulp.

It’s fall, and that means it’s time for hot spicy ciders and savory coffee. Sometimes ditching your problems for a few hours to read or take a hike isn’t in the picture, so taking a minute to grab a hot tea or whip up some coffee might be the ticket to help take a load off your shoulders, even if only for a moment.

4. Take A Chill, Jill.

Honestly, how many of us can legitimately say that we take an actual break?

No phone, no music, no distractions… just you and your thoughts. Alone. With no outside stimulation. Although this may be a scary thought because many of us are not okay with being left alone with our musing brains (myself included,) this is an amazing way to process through the situations you find yourself in. I want to challenge you to sit in a quite place with nothing that will catch your eye or distract you, grab a piece of paper or your favorite journal, and write down all the thoughts that pop into your brain. I’ve been doing this a lot lately, and I can honestly say it is so freeing just to get it all out there in the open and actually see your thoughts on paper. Personally, I tend to find that once I read them over, they prove to be quite silly and add needless stress and worry to my life.

My favorite part of this exercise? You get to burn the paper and see your worries go up in smoke!

I hope these tips help you de-stress a little during this time and refocus on what’s truly important. Stay strong, my brothers and sisters!

Published by Alexis Craig

Alexis Craig is a home schooled junior with a love for dance, a heart for animals and a passion for cake. She currently lives in south Texas with her family, two dogs, and a fish. When she's not on some wild adventure out of town, you can find her hanging out with the young adults at church, dabbling with a recipe in the kitchen, or daydreaming up a new idea. Connect with her on Instagram! @alexis_craig_author https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=1l34v6tgi9knh&utm_content=jhsw99b

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