Dear Class of 2020

Dear Class of 2020 Seniors,

The first time you walked through those doors, you were probably scared to say goodbye to your parents. How long will you be here? Where do you sit? What if your new teacher doesn’t like you? What if one of the other kids doesn’t like me?

By the end of the day, you might not have wanted to leave! You’ve made so many new friends! You love your teacher! How much time before you get to go back? Maybe you were ready to get out of there. Maybe the questions and thoughts racing through your head were more like, “Those kids make me nervous. I don’t like my teacher. When can I leave?”

Either way, the moment you walked through those doors, you had a connection to that building. It had a place in your heart, good or bad. Those first 5 to 6 years were just the beginning. They were practice, but they were also the most fun. 

In just the blink of an eye, you walked out of those doors for the last time. Now there is a new set of doors opened, but these doors are only the “middle ground.” For some of you, what hid behind these doors would be some of toughest years to face. 

Everything had changed so fast. Friends, sports, feelings, and the list goes on. People start getting freedom to show who they are, but they don’t always show the prettiest sides of themselves. But don’t worry, you’ll move on and get some really great friends. Or maybe it’s not your time, you might keep old friends or just focus on school work. 

The middle ground will also be fun, you just won’t realize it while you’re there. You’ll be too busy trying to discover yourself, which is a great thing! Each and everyone of you are a beautiful and unique individual. Maybe you found your first “true love” that lasted about 3 weeks. Or maybe you were looking to join and after school activity and instead found yourself a family. 

The middle ground is such a beautiful place, but at the moment it’s just so confusing and horrible. It’s one of many places where we need Gods guidance most. In reality, the middle ground is a test, but it’s not your final exam. You all probably have mixed feelings about your 6th-8th grade years, but slow down and reflect on them. They really weren’t that bad, were they?

You’ve made it through the test. And now is where it gets real, because these next years, these are the ones that really count. And these next 4 years look different for everyone. I myself am only a year and a half in. But through these years, the one thing a lot of us get is a mix of comfort and routine. 

Let me explain. We go to the first day of school and we know when we wake up tomorrow we will have to go to school. 180 days out of the year, we know we will be getting up, walking down the school hallways, opening up our locker, getting through the day with friends and teachers, maybe going to a sports practice and then leaving. And we’ll do the same thing the next day. 

But right now, our comfort and routine has been interrupted. We won’t be getting up and going to school tomorrow. Tomorrow, freshman won’t be rushing out of the halls and Seniors won’t be wandering the halls with their heads held high. Tomorrow we won’t get to go and click in our locker combinations. Tomorrow we won’t be seeing our friends and teachers. Tomorrow, well we don’t know what tomorrow holds for the 2020 Seniors.

Throughout all of these years, we wait for so many exciting events. Prom, graduation, our last and final day of school. Seniors want to savor their last moments in those halls. But the class of 2020, the future is uncertain. But one thing is for sure, because of all these unknowns, you’re going to be a strong class.

Not all classes have to adapt to these changes. Not all classes are having to face these hard life experiences before they’ve even left highschool. But class of 2020, you were made strong enough to do all of these things. Class of 2020, my heart hurts for you, but you will come out of this stronger. 

2 thoughts on “Dear Class of 2020

  1. So true Courtney, High School for some are their best years, and Senior year especially for most is one to remember. I can’t imagine the anger, the confusion, the sadness that many of them feel right now. My hope and prayer, is that it will give them the ability to adapt to change and press forward in the face of adversity. Part of life is learning how to adapt in difficult situations and not letting it hold you back. It is much easier when you have true faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but for many, even Christians, they may know Jesus, but they are still trying to do life on their own and not fully giving it to God. Pray for them, try to show them God’s love, which isn’t easy under quarantine and cheer them on. God bless!


  2. I admire how you share that although this is a tough year for our Seniors, it is preparing them for their future. They are the first class to ever go through this modern day pandemic. It’s a shining example of God having us right where we are supposed to be, molding us, shaping us into who he needs us to be for Him in the future.

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