When God Uses Others To Be An Unexpected Light

Hello and welcome back! I’m so excited for today’s post! I didn’t post as much as I would have liked too last week, so I’m going to share where I was. And since I’m writing this on a Wednesday, I’m also going to throw in a “Writing Prompt Wednesday.”

So last friday I had the chance to go with my philanthropy group to our local Night To Shine. Night To Shine is an event that christain athlete Tim Tebow created. One day a year, churches from all over the world host their own dance for special needs kids and adults. Its a HUGE event and it was an AMAZING thing to be a part of!

So our group had gone last year, and I don’t think I really got into it as much, I ended up in the bingo room just kind of passing time. But this year I was able to be a buddy. If you are a buddy, your assigned one special needs guest for the night. You eat with them and then continue to follow them and interact with them throughout the night. And my buddy was awesome!

We talked during dinner, but right after we ate instead of going anywhere he decided he wanted to stay in the dining room and find others to socialize with. It was an eye opening experience to just watch the way he interacted with others. When he introduced me to his friends he would introduce me by saying, “Yes, this is my date and she’s beautiful! Do you know her?”

Now the first thing my buddy wanted to do was go on the limo ride. While waiting in line to get on the limo, he looked to me and said, “There are ladiesss.” Of course I thought he meant on the limo, but next thing I know he has a group of 5 cheerleaders around him and is taking a group photo with them. He was quite the ladies man. 

Then on the limo he decided to ask the other people if he could see pictures of their “handsome other half.” We had ladies pulling up pictures of their families left and right and my buddy sat there complimenting everyone of them. Ofcourse, right after he asked me the same question. My answer was no, but he said “Okay, do you want a boyfriend?” I told him we could hangout tonight and his response was “My girlfriend wouldn’t like that…… HAHA! Got ya!”

All through the night he was a party animal on the dance floor. He was twirling and even dipping some of “the ladiesss.” It was amazing to see what God was doing with his life and how he was just pure happy. We even took a picture together and when I asked him how I should pose, he said, “Don’t pose, just rock it!” 

The only time I saw him even slightly sad was when I told him I had to leave. We were checking out and he proceeded to introduce me to his mom! She thanked me, but I felt like I should have been thanking her. I am so thankful I was able to spend that time with my buddy and how eye opening the experience was. So thank you God!

Weekly Challenge: Reach out to someone who sits alone or just doesn’t feel like they fit in and be a light to them!

Writing Prompt Wednesday:

I feel God’s Presence most when……

I feel God’s presence most when writing and when I’m going through tough times. I always find ways to praise God in my writing. He has a way of pointing things out to me through words. I also feel his comfort when going through tough times and his guidance as well.  

This week I was eager for God to…….

This week I was eager for God to introduce me to some like minded individuals at school. Won’t lie, this week came through and power kicked me all the way to China and then sent me back with another kick. I am eager to just find a group of people I can be around almost everyday and just fit in. But I also know God is doing what’s best for me, so I just have to wait and learn from the experiences he provides to me.  

Feel free to answer these in the comment section below!

Until next time! 🙂

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