Serving God At School

High school is a very intimidating place for every teenager. Kids fear being bullied, wearing the right clothes, being judged, failing classes. But those of us who have a strong faith have a guide through it all. We have the power of prayer to guide us through. But often today, opening up and showing your faith can lead to even more judgment. 

Let me back up real quick and ask you a question. How often do you see other teens serving in your high schools? Personally, I’ve seen 3 ways of service at my school. 3 might be a small number, but I’m happy just to see any service. We have a group putting up bible verse sticky notes from time to time, we have a student church group that participates in activities, and finally we have a yearly “Prayer at the Pole.”

Prayer at the Pole is one of the small ways church is brought to the schools. I went to this event for the first time last year to sing with the choir and I did not regret it. You see all these kids who you know had a faith, but then you see their friends standing beside them. The friends that talk down on God and don’t have that relationship. And even though they might only be there because of their friends, they still listen to a short sermon and pray with their fellow students. 

Now you see how others are serving in you school, but how are you personally serving? This question opened my eyes and quite frankly, made me feel kind of bad. I mean, I like to think I’m one to speak God into others and show my faith. But when it comes down to it, I often stay in my comfort zone due to the fear of judgment and being looked at as weird. 

I still have served in some ways. When my friends bring up controversial topics, I can often find a God side of the argument and speak my thoughts on it. I’ve carried my bible to school when I feel I need to get out of my comfort zone and push myself. I wrote a letter to each of my teachers to make them feel appreciated. Even just setting a kind example can create an opportunity to express your faith. 

Other ways you can serve are praying over your lunch and putting around sticky notes of encouragement. These are easy things that don’t take much time. Don’t get involved with un-godly things, it may seem cool and like no one will care at the time but God is always watching. Praying over your teachers and showing your friends the forgiveness that God often gives us can open up so many doors. 

Dealing with judgement and pressure is never easy. But we can push through because we know that God is watching over us even in the hard times. One day, you’ll take your experiences and learn to grow from them. You’d be surprised by what you learn form expressing your faith. 

If you don’t express your faith at school, start today! Don’t live under the pressure of others. Society’s pressure and views seem really important in the moment, but it won’t matter in the end. But you now what will? How you lived for God and portrayed his name. 

Weekly Challenge: Start praying over your school lunch! I’ll do these challenges with you and report back in the next post!

Tuesdays post topic: Hiding Behind A Mask

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